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Desert Art Center ART PARTNERS Program

What is an ART PARTNER?  An ART PARTNER is an individual, business or community organization that promotes other ART PARTNERS.  ART PARTNERS realize the critical importance of living and working in a community that values diversity, history and contemporary contributions of artists and art enthusiasts. 

The Desert Art Center’s ART PARTNER program designed to raise the public awareness of the arts and to send visitors, artists and members to other businesses who partner with us. The ART PARTNER program is designed to support and actively promote businesses that are of interest to current and emerging artists.  Palm Springs is quickly becoming a focus of high profile, emerging artists from all over the world. 

It is the interest of the ART PARTNERS to increase the public’s awareness of the opportunities in the Valley for artists to live, produce, and actively pursue their passions and talents in the arts and design; whether historic or current.  The Center has become a major provider of art education since public schools have slashed arts programs due to reduced public funding.  We consider this a crisis that can be addressed by joining together to be sure emerging artists know about living and working in a community that values artistic talent and expression.   The Center sees thousands of visitors during the tourist season and presents many special gallery events to Valley residents and their guests; people who would also visit ART PARTNERS’ businesses.  ART PARTNER opportunities are customized to be mutually beneficial.  Examples of our current ART PARTNER activities include:

  • Your name recognition on the DAC website and DAC events
  • Your coupons/flyers (your design&cost) given out with gallery sales or at DAC art events
  • Your signage (branding) at DAC art show openings and acknowledgement of your sponsorship to attendees.
  • Your sponsorship of high school graduating senior scholarship
  • Your shared sponsorship of special events that lets the public know your business supports emerging artists and design professionals.
  • Acknowledgement (public media or other means) of your donated art materials, supplies and/or equipment that benefits our middle school art classes.

We welcome your ideas!  To request more information on how to become an ART PARTNER, send email to Vaughan Davies at

*The Desert Art Center is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization and is the oldest art organization in the Coachella Valley.   The Center relies solely on voluntary support of local communities.  

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